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Root illustrations

Stylish illustrations to bring beauty and a friendly tone to your digital products.

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Cool features

Do not build from scratchy

20 Illustrations

Happy people doing stuff. Perfect for any occasion.

Components overrides

100% Vector

Scalable and printable set of vector graphics.

Responsive components


Created with love by a real human freehand on a digital tablet.

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communication, remote, meet, partner, match, help illustration


work done, business profile, success, workflow, available, contact illustration

Work done

task overload, to do, manage, project manager, complete, review process, submit illustration


delivery, location, update, on demand, transportation illustration

Task overload

trip, adventure, journey, travel, photo, hiking illustration


loud, voice, speaker, girl, scream illustration


delivery, get, location, box, transportation illustration


super powers, geek, computer, programmer illustration

Super powers

party, dance, fun, lighting, illustration


painting, draw, paint, artist, art, digital tool illustration


growing, flowering, flower, green wattering illustration


team, family, members, girl, biy illustration


files, folders, system, loading, upload illustration

File loading

grocery, fruits, vegetables, illustration


sleep, tired, snooze illustration


send, email, paper plane, telegram illustration


music, listen, sing, girl illustration


education, prize, winner, school, boy illustration


dog, animal, love, pet illustration


Gift, love, box, treasure illustration


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Includes illustrations for Sketch & Figma

  • Personal license

    The license allows unlimited personal and commercial projects for one user.

  • Sketch & Figma files

    Contains high-quality files compatible with Sketch and Figma.

  • High-quality graphics
  • 20 Illustrations
  • Free Updates
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Illustrations + UI Kit

from $58

Includes illustrations, wireframes, components and style guide

  • Team & Personal license

    The license allows unlimited commercial projects for personal or appropriate team size.

  • Sketch & Figma files

    Contains high-quality files compatible with Sketch and Figma.

  • Auto-updatable Style Guide
  • 200 Components
  • 120 Wireframe layouts
  • 20 Illustrations
  • Free Updates
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Popular questions

Frequently asked question

What is Root?

It's a set of Sketch and Figma files, containing illustrations and wireframes synced with a minimal weight style guide.

How does it work?

Root is a UI kit with finely-tuned assets, crafted to help designers and developers create better user flows, website mockups, design systems, and presentations by its example.

Can I get a discount?

You can get a 50% discount if you are a student or a teacher, to get it please email us with a proof of your student status or teacher occupation.

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